6 Best Inspection Cameras 2018

An inspection camera, tiny in appearance, saves you hours of effort and frustration. Whether you work in construction or run an automotive repair shot, it is a handy tool that lets you peek into those tight spaces that can’t be reached otherwise. It is a great addition to your mechanical toolkit!

We would suggest having one even if you wouldn’t use it regularly, as it is better to have and not need than to need and not have. Finding the best inspection camera can be a tiring task, so we’ll help simplify your search with our handy guide.

Top 6 Inspection Cameras Table

PictureNameDiameter (mm)PriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameDiameter (mm)PriceRating (1-5)
1. Potensic 2 In 1 Digital Endoscope Borescope/Waterproof Camera 2.0 Megapixels8.4$4.7
2. DBPOWER 2.7 Inch Color LCD Screen Endoscope Inspection Snake Camera8.2$$$4.5
3. Teslong NTS150RS 3.5 Inch LCD Screen Handheld Industrial Endoscope Waterproof Snake Borescope Digital Inspection Camera Kit5.5$$$$4.5
4. Ridgid CA-25 Micro CA-25 Inspection Camera17$$$4.3
5. Vividia 9mm Portable Digital Flexible Inspection Camera9$$4.2
6. SanSiDo Endoscope Wifi Wireless iOS iPhone Android Borescope Endoscope Camera9$4.0

Buying Information

Inspection cameras are available in $15 – $350 (and more!) range. The following points are to be kept in mind before you invest in one:

Type of Inspection Cameras

  • Color, Monochrome or Traditional. If you just need to see whether things are where they need to be, a monochrome camera would do the job, but if you need a full color picture to troubleshoot the problem, you need to invest more and opt for a color version. A traditional camera is a very affordable, simple camera without the bells and whistles. Go for it if you just want a picture of the problem area.
  • Picture Quality. You buy a camera like this to help you take pictures in hard-to-reach places, so the picture quality must be good.
  • Light. It’s likely that the areas you’re trying to reach are dark, so a quality light source attached to the camera would definitely come in handy.
  • Flexibility. The “snake” (tube to which camera is attached) should be flexible to navigate through those tight bends you encounter on way to the difficult to reach problem spots.

Waterproofing, snake length, screen resolution and intuitive, on-board controls are useful, nice to have features that make your job easier and is worthy investment.

Top 3 Best Inspection Camera Reviews

1. Potensic 2 in 1 Digital Inspection Camera

This borescope from Potensic is the perfect budget inspection camera that would tick all the boxes for regular inspection jobs. Whether you are inspecting high voltage lines, commercial/residential electrical wiring, machinery, automobiles or aircrafts – this will be an able assistant.

It is a USB powered, waterproof camera with a diameter of 0.33”. It comes armed with 6 LED lights for brightness control and works well with a 2 MP CMOS lens with 4 different resolutions, capable of producing high quality videos and images. A 5 m cable is the icing on the cake and when you get all this you won’t have much to complain about.

It’s an easy to set up, affordable camera that offers the perfect blend of features for a reasonable price – a must have for your next inspection job!

2. DBPOWER Inspection Snake Camera

If you are looking for a high end inspection snake camera with enhanced features such as zoom, 360 degree rotation, LCD display and on board storage, this is highly recommended. A significant improvement (and costs more!) over the budget counterparts, what we like the most about it is the standard components it ships with – a micro USB cable, an easy to access 18650 cell and a standard microSD card for storage.

Its ergonomic design allows for easy handling and backlit LCD controls are quite handy while working in the dark. The installation guide is easy to follow, offering seven language choices for set up. The accompanying 3 m tube holding the 360 degree rotating camera provides excellent reach.

It is a worthy investment for those looking for a long lasting, value for money inspection camera.

3. Teslong NTS150RS Digital Inspection Camera

For an inspection camera, probe size is crucial and bigger is not always better. In fact, it seldom is. If you are looking for a camera head diameter size of less than 6 mm, want it to cover 360 degrees, zoom up to 4X, microSD card slot up to 32 GB and a big 3.5” QVGA LCD display, Teslonn NTS150RS would stand out in the crowd.

Its ergonomic design and 2600 mAh battery gives it enough juice for nearly 6 hours. The live feed shown on the handheld unit is a great feature that you would likely end up needing some time down the line. It is available in two different snake lengths and has everything it takes to be your work companion for years to come.

This one offers you all the features you need. If price doesn’t restrict you there aren’t many better ones available, though HD would have really been icing on the cake.

Hope you would find the best inspection camera for your use from our list. Happy working!

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